MGcash | High Paying Content Locker ad network

Monetize your files, links and content with survey, closing ad!

Earn money with MGCash, an high paying content locker ad network. It pays through Payoneer, PayPal, Webmoney, wire transfer and ACH. Get paid locking files, articles, videos, etc...

MGcash | High Paying Content Locker ad network
MGcash | High Paying Content Locker ad network

Through the existing methods to monetize a website, it exists content locking. It is more intrusive than ad display, in image and in video advertising. But it mostly bring more revenue from your traffic.

The user will find an ad he must close or visit, a task or a survey to complete. The publishers earn the revenue paid by the advertiser for the ad.

With Content Locking, you fight banner blindness, non converted advertising campaign at the risk of user experiences. Each time your content get accessed, you earn money with content locking ad network.

Among those kind of programs is mgcash affiliate network, an high paying content locker ad network.

About MGcash content locking ad network

mgcash content locking

MGcash is an online advertising network, since 2011, which help publishers and marketers to monetize their contents through content locking features. Direct conversion for advertisers that bring higher payout for publishers and marketers.


MGCash features allow to keep control over advertising on your website, helps you monetize all kind of traffic. More important features are:

  • detailed statistics.
  • Various ways to earn locking contents.
  • Optimized for Desktop and mobile traffic.
  • International paying ad (over 130 countries).
  • Fast payment and flexible payment methods.

Earning from locked resources

The deal with resources lock is that you earn money from each visit. It may a pre-roll ad display, a survey, a task to complete in order to access the content. MGCash helps you monetize your files, content, files, etc…

File Locker: Zip and lock your files using the MGcash’s file locker wizard. The user must complete an offer / a survey to get access to the file content.

Content Locker: Lock your website content with MGCASH content ad locker. Only users who complete offers can access and read your content.

File / Link Locker: Do you have something you want to share or give for free on the internet? Share your locked links and files and get paid when user complete survey to access the resource.

Audio Locker: Are you an artist? Upload your music, create your playlist and embed anywhere you want. Get paid when users unlock to listen or buy your musics.

Overlay API: The Overlay Application Program Interface (API) helps you integrate advertiser ad into your web apps, software or games. Earn money anywhere your creation is used and anytime it is used with display banner ad.

MG domain parking: Park your domain with mgcash and earn money from all your incoming traffics.

Flash Locker: Lock any flash contents (videos, games) with the flash locker. Enjoy revenue from free plays.

MGcash Payment methods

As it was said in the introduction, MGCash payment methods are Payoneer, PayPal, WebMoney, Wire Transfer, ACH. The minimum withdrawal amount is $100 and payment are made on NET 15.

Using locker ad network helps you monetize each and every visit on your content. high paying content locker advertising for your pages and files.

The downfall is that it is intrusive, make sure you use it where it is appropriate. The content must worth the unlock, otherwise, the user experience on your website will get affected.

On text content website, it is recommended to lock only the premium content.

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  1. Avatar of StopWorking

    Very interesting to me. I’ve not been much on content locking, but I am starting to move in that direction. It’s surely worth checking out MGcash

  2. Avatar of Pierre Eustache C.

    It is a great way to monetize content. A little bit intrusive, not recommended to use everywhere but good for download sites, high quality articles sites, etc… Thanks for your reading and comment!

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