Exchange and manage your money from online bank without exchanger

Exchange and manage your money from online bank without exchanger
Exchange and manage your money from online bank without exchanger

Would you like to exchange your money from your payoneer debit card to Paypal, from moneybookers to paypal, or from webmoney to western union without using exchanger? In this article we will talk about how to manage your money from different e-wallet without exchanger.

Why transfer money from an e-wallet to another?

There are many ways to store, send and receive money online. There are e-wallet, also called electronics bank or internet payment processors such as Paypal, Neteller, Skrill (Moneybookers), Payza (alertpay), Webmoney etc… There are others services like Payoneer, Paxum which provide plastic debit mastercard. Exist also debit card delivered by e-wallet (Paypal, Skrill, Neteller, etc…) and money transfer like Western Union.

These ways to pay and get paid are not accepted by all companies or are not available world wide. So, sometimes we need to pay a service from a company which accept payment from e-wallet 1 while we have money in e-wallet 2. to fix that we use e-currencies exchanger.

Why it is better to avoid use of exchanger?

transfer funds without exchangerFrom my own experiences, a time when i wanted to transfer Skrill to LibertyReserve to pay hosting, i googled for money exchanger. For each company i found, i did another search for user review, it was always bad review from users telling that it is better to stay away from x company.

I did conclude that it is a high riskfor our hardly earned money to use exchanger. And i tried to find another way to process. Luckily, after a certain time, things involve and it is now possible to send money from an online bank to another!

How to exchange money without exchanger?

As it is native methods, it is not a program you will use. It is build in strategy to send your money and get it in a more convenience place. The process require that you have a preferred ways you want to get paid and own account and both the two e-wallet or debit card.

Exchange Skrill to Paypal – Paypal to Skrill

Skrill, formerly Moneybookers and paypal are two giant in electronic money transfer. Unfortunately, they were never agreed for a way to send money from one to the other. But, it still have a way to do so and it is simple:

  • Link your Paypal and Skrill account to the same bank.
  • Withdraw your money through bank transfer.
  • Upload money to the desired payment processors.

Exchange Webmoney to Payoneer – Payoneer debit card to Webmoney

Webmoney and Payoneer is simplier! Webmoney issue a Payoneer debit card to webmoney account holder from which they can withdraw their money. Payoneer also have a “withdraw via Webmoney button” where you can transfer funds from Payoneer to webmoney by example if you want to withdraw through Western Union.

Exchange Paypal to payoneer – Exchange Payoneer to paypal

Would you like to get your paypal earning into your Payoneer prepaid debit MasterCard. It is possible through Payoneer US payment services program, once you got accepted into this services. Just withdraw from Paypal using Bank while you give infos provided by Payoneer and you’ll get that money directly into your payoneer card. To use your payoneer fund through paypal, just add your debit card to paypal and choose it when you pay. Or you can wisely use the donate button to transfer money.

Exchange Western Union to Webmoney – Webmoney to Western union

Western union is a money transfer service where transfer money and get it in cash, you can also use it to transfer cash to your e-wallets. Webmoney allow you to upload and withdraw fund via western union services. Just open your WM account, and transfer your fund easily.

Here is some useful link on topcasher:

You can the same technics to exchange neteller to payoneer (using the card to card features), skrill to payoneer, paypal to neteller, etc… Enjoy and don’t hesitate to left comment!

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