Adfly | Shorten, Share Link And Get Paid Through Libertyreserve, PayPal and Payoneer

Adfly | Shorten, Share Link And Get Paid Through Libertyreserve, PayPal and Payoneer
Adfly | Shorten, Share Link And Get Paid Through Libertyreserve, PayPal and Payoneer

The web was created with the idea of resources linked one with each other. The base of internet is link, so, monetizing your link is a way to earn big amount online while sharing your thoughts, productions and resources. is an ad network for link. It allows advertisers to promote their banner and page through interstitial advertising and top page banner. It permits publishers and affiliates to shorten link (monetize them or not) to share through social networks, forums, etc…

How to earn with ADF.LY?

The sign up is free. just paste your long URL into the adfly bar, shorten and share. There are three options when you shrink your link:

  • Interstitial page: It shows a page for five seconds and then the user can click on a "SKIP AD" button at the top of the page to access the real page. The rate is from $0.20
  • Frame banner: Your page will be directly visible to your visitor with a banner at the top. The rate is from $0.03 to $1.00 CPM.
  • No advert: For webmaster who just want to shrink their URL to share it on social networks or to reduce spam. You have the option to opt out for ad on your links. there are no revenue for such promotion.

ADF.LY tools have a referral program, you earn 20% earning for life from your referred users. It also provide script to automatically shorten all links on your website, get detailled statistics through Google Analytics, insert it in your apps, etc…

Tips for

Such links may disturb web users. It is recommended to use on links you use to point to ressources on forum discussions, Questions and Answers websites, free download link on your blog, etc…

What do i need to join?

ADFLY is the ad network where you do not need website to join. Your make link you want to share short and share them. However you are not allowed to ask for action on your links, promote on automated softwares, shrink adult URL, etc… Everyone is welcome to start earning with

About Payment have three payment methods: PayPal, LibertyReserve and Payoneer. The minimum payment threshold is $5 through LR and PP and $20 through Payoneer.



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    It is a method to monetize your link when you share free stuff online!

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    if you want to increase traffic for your website, you must check this article, very interesting post are there.. I really appreciate to author.

    thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks for giving feedback Abbishane! I really appreciate that and will try to keep writing articles that worth your reading time!

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