6 methods to get free traffic from twitter

6 methods to get free traffic from twitter
6 methods to get free traffic from twitter

Twitter is one great source for internet traffic. It is the 10th world wide most popular website, and 12th most popular website based on US traffic.With more than 6 millions visitors per day, twitter is one of the social network you must target to boost your website traffic.

But You are tweeting and never get result or you’d like to start using twitter as a way to get free web traffic and you’d like to know how to proceed. In fact, there are no secret use, no quick method but just a proper use.

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Many marketers, bloggers get a large percent of their traffic from twitter. Here are 5 facts and 5 methods to get free traffic from twitter website.

1.- Right hour posting

A tweet appears in a timeline (line of time very short) and gets forgotten into the massive tweet send by your followers. To get more traffic from twitter, send your tweet when much of your followers are online. There are many apps monitoring twitter stats but I’ll recommend you the reading of this article “a better impact on twitter with scheduled post” where I explain how to detect when most of your twitter followers are online and send your tweet.

2.- Proper Trend and hash tags use

You remember that I told you that you tweet get lost in the forest of twitter few seconds after its posting? Yeah! It’s true. But there are a fact, your latest tweet appear in twitter result and anywhere such as applications, regular search engine, widget, etc… and may continue get you traffic.

As twitter uses hash tags to determine trend on twitter and to link similar tweet and similar tweeter. Search for popular hash tags related to your content to be listed in search for those keywords and increase your traffic.

3.- More than one tweet for a promotion

You are writing a tweet but just the time to write and press “send”, there are more than 200 tweets sent. Oups! No one will notice your tweet? In fact, not everyone will see it but it will appear in top for random users. To remove such doubts, make more than one tweet for a post but remember to separate it with post for others content. By example:

  1. I tweet “visit my site for new content and give domain”.
  2. I tweet “what do you think about the raising of mobile apps?” for natural audience!
  3. I tweet “check out this article about the new twitter interface and give domain”!
  4. And I re-tweet my first one so I reach some of fellow I missed with the first send.

4.- Get tweeted and re-tweeted

Your audience is limited by your number of followers when you tweet naturally. But what if you get re-tweeted or your content get tweeted by someone else. Add widget and sharing button on your post so user who like your content and want to share it could find easily the way to do it. Ask for retweet, there are many people who will retweet you if your content worth it!

5.- Get followed

The more followers you get, the more traffic you’ll get. It is not a game of number really as followers who will keep following you will only the ones who share same interest as you! Read this article “5 ways to get free twitter followersto know how you get can free followers.

6.- List in applications and twitter lists

Twitter own applications like widget which embed all tweets with a specific hash tags, allow tweeter to create list! These lists list your latest tweet. Make sure your latest tweet contain a link so you can continue getting traffic from anywhere you are listed. Make sure you use as much useful twitter apps that is secure as you can.

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